Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands

About Jim Morrison

On Dallas Divide with Mt. Sneffels 14,157 feet.
My daughter’s backyard.

When I was twenty or so I had an artistic bent, but no skills with my hands, so I turned to photography.   Being a professional procrastinator (the easiest of careers,) I was a dabbler rather than a devotee.   Now that I’m signed up for Medicare, I thought the years (and bewildering digital learning curves) had chased those dreams beyond my reach.

But one thing an old man knows about itches is how to scratch…so I conjured up three separate, unique photo endeavors I hope to include, along with tidbits of my life and happenings:
  • TimeScapes:   Two or more digital scenes from the same exact perspective separated by hours, days, seasons, or years.
  • PhotoProse:   A superb photograph in company with creative writing that augments and supports the visual with a ‘word-picture’ foundation…more than a caption, less than an essay.
  • Stereo pairs (3D):   Transparency photography with two vertically mounted Nikon F3 film cameras and identical lenses.

The itch to create would have gone unsatisfied if not for my globe-trotting, cancer-surviving daughter Jamie Intemann, my partner in crime with this blog, who is reminding me of the joy available to those who pursue dreams, come what obstacles may, and living in the San Juan Islands for over 40 years gives me an insight towards a different view.  

If you have questions or suggestions for capturing your favorite island theme, contact me at


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