Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands

SAM_2748Here are two of my girls.   Jamie was visiting here for a week from her home in Telluride, Colorado with her son Liam, and Ariel is my newly-wed bride!    I’ve been away from blogging for over a year, but couldn’t resist starting to post again, what with my stimulating new life as a husband and best friend to Ariel.  Two beautiful ladies, if you ask me!

Ariel and I met in the Barbershop singing group on the island, the Chordsmen Plus.   The Plus stands for the women participants, for most barbershop groups don’t have women present with the men; the groups are either all women, or all men.    Our mixed group is catching on, and we hear that there are a number of others starting up, it’s a matter of voice sound rather than on of exclusive gender.

Ariel and I are well matched, having a huge cache of common interests, and our adventures together have been varied and fulfilling.   For instance, we’re going out this evening to celebrate the anniversary of a dear couple we’ve been paling around with, the McDonalds.   Steve McDonald also sings with us in the Chordsmen and coincidentally has the same birthday as my best friend when growing up in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.

I also have to add how much I enjoyed my grandson Liam while he was here.   We spent time together while his mother was visiting other friends on the island, and had a blast!    He is intelligent, funny, and maturing into a great young man.

Since we’re just going into late Spring, I expect to have a bunch of new photos of the island to share with you, so come back and see what’s new.   Happy Spring!


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