Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Windy Day Recreation

Windy Day Recreation

Where were these toys when I was young enough to use them? This kite-boarder (I’m assuming that’s a viable term, since I’ve never seen these before) was really scooting across Jones Lagoon adjacent to Jackson’s Beach on Thursday, January 9th. This photo appears to catch him hanging from a cloud, while in reality, he was completing a sky hop, letting the kite yank him at least 50 feet into the air above the lagoon. Like a whip’s tip, it snapped him into the air, and I could almost vicariously experience the thrill of flying with him as he soared, then fell like a stone back into the water. He had to be quick on his feet (board?) because the kite was still sailing and ready to pull him out of the water, a maneuver he accomplished at least six times while I watched and photographed him.

I find it an affirmation of life, that people keep coming up with new means of entertainment, healing, growing food, creating energy, all with the grey-matter we were given (and often a magical dose of inspiration), so that decade after decade, generation after generation, men and women turn the simple word “create” into the masterful genesis of a new concept.

Digital technology is one of those ideas, and is great sometimes, and troublesome other times. In this situation, I couldn’t get the auto-focus to find something to focus on as he sailed through the air, so by the time the camera had made up its mind, the jump was completed, and I was left wishing I had my trusty old Nikon F3 without auto-focus!

The photo below simulates the speed this boarder was able to attain. He passed me where I stood watching, traveling at 25 or 30 miles per hour, but only ten feet from me. Being that close magnified the impression of speed, augmented with the ‘whoosh’ of the water in his smooth wake.


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