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Just another sunset in Paradise

Just another sunset in Paradise

When Elder McKay and I go on our one mile trek (hopefully each evening, but with the short days lately we haven’t made that goal) the inspiration to take my camera is significant, and other times…no inspiration, but plenty of regret when a scene opens before me begging to be photographed, but I don’t have my camera.

I’ve tweaked the saturation a bit to more closely represent the impression in my mind of the glorious sunset I’m experiencing.

Denny shared this thought; that so often he shoots something like this and isn’t able to edit the results in his files, that is, throw out a single one, so he ends up with huge numbers of pictures that are trying to capture what his brain is seeing.

This one was taken January 5th, Sunday, at our usual track site at the old gravel pit above Griffin Bay. Again, so often on these walks the sky shows off in glorious arrays of nature’s spender. While to the south, Mt. Rainier was visible in the crisp winter air. Rainier, the tallest and largest mountain in the state, is a loooooong way away from the San Juan Islands, and so is seldom seen.



One response

  1. lorimac242012

    Those are seriously gorgeous sky shots, Jim. I hear your walking partner is pretty hot.

    January 5, 2014 at 10:52 pm

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