Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Lawson’s Pond

Lawson's Pond

Interesting how in summer we yearn for fall. Then fall comes and we yearn for warmer and longer days. Already Pacific Standard Time is causing havoc with our walking schedule. We’re not supposed to use the gravel pit trail after dark, but my plan is to use headlamps and leave a note on the windshield of the car for the Sheriff Deputies that it’s not our fault that the sun is setting earlier than our scheduled outing, and that we’re fine and will make one circuit of the trail which takes approximately 17 minutes. With my luck they will try to build a case of perpedness (a ‘perp’ is a bad guy, a law breaker) and lock our butts up for extreme malfeasance.

I told the residents riding the van this afternoon that my dream has always been to spend half the year on San Juan Island and the other half on St. John Island in the Virgin Islands. The names are the same, just in different languages, so I’d really be on the same island, just different locations. Oh, to spend the winter snorkeling in crystal waters and hiking the trails of the national park on St. John!

Instead, I’ll continue with my seven day a week on-call arrangement here at the Village. Beats paying rent.


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