Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Foggy False Bay

Foggy False Bay

Airports would call this zero visibility. I call it art! My regulars that ride the Village van every weekend sometimes ask me if I fly. I respond that if God intended man to fly, He would have given us wings. The truth is, and I’ve admitted this to them as well, I would kill myself accidentally due to stupidity were I to try flying any kind of aircraft.

Seagulls probably can fly slow, and are maneuverable enough to fly in this soup. I wonder if they have any other guidance skills like dolphins? Nah, probably just instinct but who’s to say about intelligence? It’s said that crows are among the most intelligent animals out there, and they have a bird (sized) brain, for sure.

And then there was the parrot “Alex” who was studied for over thirty years by its human companion, Dr. Pepperberg, who had switched her line of study to animal intelligence when she came across this young African Gray parrot and was astonished at what it could do with cognitive reasoning and speech responses.

We are only one to two percent different in DNA from our nearest primate, the chimp. What if there are any hominid aliens out there that are more intelligent than us, differing in DNA by only one to two percent? We’ll assume they have come to us, which automatically makes them more advanced, thus, we’ll assume, more intelligent. Will we appear as basically under-achievers to them as the chimps appear to us? Here’s Dr. Tyson’s interesting four and a half minute response to that question on YouTube:


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