Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Reality show


I purchased this poster on the internet and had it on my boat for a few years because it reminded me of paradise. We joke about the San Juan Islands being paradise, and in the mind of city folk, it might appear that way, being so different than their day to day reality, but paradise can be wherever one finds oneself, a state of mind more than of place. In fact, I’ve heard of an individual using that premise to partly negate the bad side of a concentration camp. He was a bigger man than I am!

I still ponder the possibility of moving to the Hawaiian Islands, but paradise isn’t always what our dreams and hopes paint it to be. Reality can taint instead of paint, were I to turn poetic. And it’s said that we carry our own perceptions with us, even as we change locale, so even warm air and pretty scenics may not be enough to create our personal paradise.

Still, the photo is lovely, and evokes “greener pastures” pondering.


One response

  1. k7kfm1

    The weather in Hawaii is about as prefect as you can get. The Philippines was too hot, and life too primative. Though, on cold winter evenings, I think of how nice and warm it is there, where here I am freezing my tail off…..

    September 29, 2013 at 4:46 pm

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