Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands




Gone, but not forgotten. I used to own these two beauties, but now I’m free of both the opportunity and the obligations they presented. I bought the smaller boat to use as a photo chase boat for my Yachtshots business I never did, and though I lived aboard the larger boat for a few years, I never pulled it together in the way I intended.

So, I name this post “Phases” because that’s what life is for me, different phases of attraction and rejection, intention and failure. I’m not despondent about that, just resigned. As Popeye often said: “I yam whats I yam.”


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  1. k7kfm1

    I agree about your “phases” That is what keeps us from being bored and feeling like we have failed ourselves! I do the same thing, with cars and trucks. It is easier than boats, cars and trucks are cheaper and easier to find someone to complete the dream! I was thinking of Dad the other day and our Morrison habit of procrastination….. I have decided that is the reason I “fail” to complete my dream project, is do in-part to procrastination. No excuses, it gets us out of the doldrums, caused by not finding the right part for whatever project we are currently “not” working on! HI Hi (ham lingo for laughter) Occasionally I will finish a project, but it probably because of Lindas’ nagging! LOL. We all know what that ,means! Keep up the Prose! I enjoy them. Dick

    September 29, 2013 at 4:42 pm

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