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Cold Springs shelter, Orcas Island

Cold Springs shelter, Orcas Island

Little used and off the path is Cold Springs shelter. A trail goes by this area from Cascade Lake (2.9 miles down the hill) then up to the summit of Mt. Constitution (1.2 miles, little elevation gain) and one of these days (was supposed to be this last summer, but didn’t happen) I’m going to hike from the lake to the summit. Let’s hope it’s before I’m too old to pull it off!

I didn’t make it this last summer because I’m on-call at the Village seven nights a week. I earn $200 a month above and beyond rent by arranging the schedule that way, but it sure inhibits my wandering nature.

This shelter is another that was built either in the 1930’s or to the design of that era. I’m very fond of the log and shake design, and always feel a special affinity for the woods and waters when I’m in such a structure. I can’t explain where that kinship comes from, but it’s a part of who I am, the combination of my Northwest heritage and love of the outdoors perhaps.Orcas MC trip 2010 058

Orcas MC trip 2010 067


One response

  1. Remember the Upper Sandy River Guard Station? Maybe that was the beginning of your love of log structures and shake roofs?

    September 27, 2013 at 6:59 pm

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