Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Feb. 23, 2011

Feb. 23, 2011

Winter! One fascinating aspect of life, to me, is the unknown future. For instance, last winter the lower elevations in the islands didn’t get any snow, none at all. That’s a bit unusual, for normal is like this photo. We get a few inches, it lasts a day or two and is gone.

Though I’ve seen photos of the winter of ’68 (1968 that is) where three feet fell and stayed for a week or more, and I experienced the winter of ’91/’92 where the Noreaster blew through the islands uprooting many trees and leaving snow on the ground, it seemed, forever!

We haven’t had a bad winter since then and we’re due one. So getting back to the unknown future, I wonder what we’re in for this winter. I haven’t checked the El Nino situation in the Pacific, as that often predicts what will happen with our weather, but one advantage to living in town is not having to drive in inclement weather. I’ve already got my ice non-skid spikes on my winter boots, ready for whatever comes.

That’s my last thought about the future. We can prepare and reap the satisfaction of knowing we’ve done everything (?) we can to get ready for whatever, but is it ever enough? My mottos: “Better safe than sorry,” and its companion “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark,” are just the start of the mentality of preparedness.

A little wind is balm to a heated brow, while a hurricane can be life altering. I’ll take whatever weather comes this winter, safe in the knowledge that whatever comes, I’ll either enjoy it or survive it.


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