Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Young Hill

Young Hill

Views from Young Hill, or Mt. Young as I’ve always called it, are impressive, not like from a true mountain, but any high vista in the islands will allow lots of islands and water to be seen.

In this view, the distant mountains are on Vancouver Island in Canada, as are the distant islands. The green island in the center is Henry Island, named in 1841 for Charles Wilkes’ young nephew, a story I related a few posts back. Mosquito Pass is the next waterway, then the closest is Westcott Bay, north of the headquarters of the British forces on Garrison Bay during the joint occupation of British and American forces during the Pig War.

Henry island is where we were living when Jamie, our oldest daughter, was born in 1972. We were the outstation managers for the Seattle Yacht Club’s docks and 20 acres there. The yacht club docks can be seen at right center.Jamie Thanksgvg 2010 034


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