Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Pappy and his Gibson guitar

Pappy and his Gibson guitar

Our father, brother Dick’s and mine, passed on early in 2008. I’m constantly reminded of the little things that make up a lifetime, and how we as individuals know them well (though it’s amazing how many of my own I’ve forgotten over the years!) but our kids only have snippets of our day to day happenings, just as I only have those of my dad’s 93 1/2 years.

This guitar is an example. The photo at bottom right is him holding the same guitar that he’d just bought when 18 years old. (Yeah, the kids back then always looked older than their years.)

I got my sentimentality from my mother, and I can spend mostly pleasant moments pondering my folks little triumphs throughout their days. I bought a new Yamaha keyboard a couple days ago, and I anticipate it contributing to my creative urge with its richer sound and full 88 keyboard. I suspect my dad felt the same excitement when he bought the Gibson L-7 in 1932.SAM_0512


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