Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands




My brother Dick is a Forest Service Lookout enthusiast. He’s owned one, and still associates with like minded individuals who find these buildings fascinating. This one is near Mt. Adams in the center of the state of Washington. The trees had grown up so much you couldn’t even see the surrounding forests, let alone Mt. Adams, but back in the day, men or women would spend their summers manning the lookout tower while watching for forest fires.

I assisted in dismantling this structure (the top part) which was later rebuilt at a museum site. The lower portion ended up at my brother’s place and serves as Linda’s garden shed.

There were a million and two mouse droppings in the roof section of this building and it’s a wonder we didn’t all get some sort of disease, for none of us wore masks during the dusty job.

This is just one of many interesting treks in which my older brother has enlisted my help. The latest he proposed was an involved project to build a prepper’s tidy-hidy-hole hidden deep in the mountains. That would have been entertaining, but at our age, probably more that we could have handled. I was both relieved and sorry when I talked him out of it. How many more adventures will we enjoy before our time is up?IMG_0062IMG_0063


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