Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Conor Intemann

Conor Intemann

Jamie’s Conor (note the Irish spelling) is somewhere around six foot eight inches tall and, while very different than my other son-in-law Blake, is equally beloved. A gentle man, one finds his other personality almost startling in his fearsome outdoorsmanship. He kayaks, the higher scale of rapids, the better. He hikes, mountain bikes, shoots ‘GoPro’ movies, rock climbs, and I’m sure, given the opportunity, would hang glide, paraglide, motocross, drag race, and combine all those to jump the Grand Canyon…maybe, though he seems to prefer human-powered conveyance. I do know he’s fearless because he has, and continues to support his wife, my daughter, in her life altering struggles with Melanoma.

Conor, like Blake, is younger than his wife, and has one male off-spring, and judging from the photos I’ve seen of Liam’s skiing, swimming, and biking, he’s going to be a chip off the old block (does anyone use that cliche any more?)

Great dad, hard worker, very capable all-’round man, I’m very proud of my fourth ‘son’.


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