Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Blake Carson

Black Carson

My daughters have made me a happy father-in-law, for they have chosen wisely and ended up with jewels as husbands. That’s my opinion, and I truly hope they always share that opinion.

Blake, Michelle’s husband, is a lot younger than she is, just as my Dad was younger than my Mom. As kids we make a big deal of these age differences, but as adults they matter little. Blake is a carpenter and a great dad and step-dad. A hard worker, he’s one of the gentlest men I know. He and Michelle have turned my Dad’s old homestead into a beautiful and productive farmstead and home for their four kids. And, not the least of his good qualities; he’s a great cook and likes to share his wares with the rest of the family, yumm. He is also one mean barbecuer!

(Note the blur above the plate of steaks. That’s Zachary, Blake’s two year old son, doing his naked-boy disappearing act.)



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