Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands




Remember when someone would pop up a photo or slide and ask, “What’s this?” You were to attempt to identify the item. Someone did that to me this weekend by pointing at an obscure piece of machinery at the historical museum. Strangely enough, I actually knew what it was; a cream separator used on dairy farms for larger quanities of cream accumulation.

This is a two hosed scuba diving regulator which I bought off of Ebay. I don’t recall what I paid, but then I sent it to a repair shop and had it rebuilt, and have actually used it underwater.

I’ve been diving since my early teens, totally fascinated with the underwater realm when, as a wee lad on the Oregon Coast, I spent hours poking about in tide pools near my Grandmother’s place at Lincoln City, or Taft as the village was called before they blended all the small bergs into one large city.

I keep this relic displayed in my tiny studio apartment in Friday Harbor to remind me of the good old days when these were the regulator of choice for divers.


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