Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Rush Hour Lunch

Rush Hour Lunch

Ok, rush hour usually refers to city traffic that is commonly congested at the same time each day, while here we have a rare traffic jam off South Beach, San Juan Island.

Two ladies are enjoying a peaceful repast amongst the beach grasses, while in the background the fish boats, both commercial and pleasure, as well as the whale watch boats are jockeying about as they ply their trade.

A late summer Sunday at South Beach is usually very quiet, the kids are back in school, and the tourist traffic has dropped to a more sedate level. Keep in mind that the boats are not on top of each other as the scene suggests. Shot with a telephoto lens, the scene has been compressed and that distorts the apparent distances between the boats and the picnic table.

My guess is, the ladies are barely aware of the activity offshore and seem to be enjoying a lively conversation along with a tasty lunch as they soak up some increasingly rare warm sunshine.


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