Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Swimming hole at a private campground

Swimming hole at a private campground

We’ve all seen the overhead shots of Coney Island in the summer with thousands of sun worshipers nearly covering the entire beach. Here is San Juan Island’s version of a beach crowd. This is the ‘ol swimming hole at Lakedale Resort on Roche Harbor Road. It’s late August and the place is packed!

They say the footprints left on the moon by the astronauts in the middle of the last century will be there for billions of years because there’s no wind or precipitation to erode them. In another month or two this beach will be empty, the footprints gone. Summer is waning. What did you do on your summer vacation?

The photo to the right is of a young island family giving their very young son his first ride on a donkey near this same beach. Ah, memories! Wait a minute, I’ve never HAD my first ride on a donkey. I’m jealous!



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