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Solar Scholar

Solar Scholar

I took a quiz online this morning about the sun, answered all 10 questions correctly, and discovered I was a ‘solar scholar’ as compared to having ‘fusion confusion’.

I can credit that perfect score to my unquenchable thirst for more astronomical truths; my magnet to life’s metal filings.

I’ve purchased and studied at least a half dozen classes just about astronomy, cosmology, and physics from The Teaching Company, a Virginia enterprise specializing in continuing education DVDs. Counting all the other topics I’ve purchased, I own over a dozen of these courses, and spend a goodly portion of my week watching many of the 30 minute lectures, sometimes mixing and matching topics which seems to add fresh perspective and interest as the weeks speed past.

Just now I ordered “New Frontiers: Modern Perspectives on our Solar System” where I expect to have a little trouble with ‘Deducing the Laws of Motion’ for I’m not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to math. The other 23 lectures, however, will fill me with wonder and answers I hope I retain.

Scientists have doubled our knowledge of new data available on cosmology (the study of the universe) in just the last ten years! San Juan Island, however, is not the ideal location to study the heavens, that is by looking directly, because of all the thick atmosphere and light pollution from nearby cities. That doesn’t effect my personal studies through printed and electronic media. Rain or shine, day or night, I can enlarge my awareness and understanding of myriad topics just by sitting down with a book or the remote control on my magic box.

Photo credit: Jason Morrison, July 23, 2013
Canon 7D DSLR


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