Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Rose colored glasses

Rose colored glasses

My Cokin filters have sat in a photo backpack for years unused, and that just wouldn’t do, so I recently brought them to Jackson’s Beach along with my digital camera. I had purposefully bought a camera that would accept screw-in filters, for I knew I wanted to put these filters to use once again.

Cokin brand filters, made in France, are square bits of photo quality plastic resin with colors and patterns built into them that create these effects. Some are graduated, meaning the color effect is blended in from the middle to the strongest
density at the top.

The square filters slip into a holder that in turn slips into an appropriate size ring that screws into the front of the lens of the camera. There are three spaces or slots where successive filters can be stacked for a combined effect.

Granted, in PhotoShop with digital magic one can now create many of these effects in what’s known as post production after the picture has been taken and put into the computer, but I find it more fun to include them as part of the “on site” adventure of photography where the mind is already actively engaged in the creative process.

These square snippets of the filter effects on the beach, Dinner Island, North Bay and Mt. Finlayson at the south end of the island don’t do the full width scenes justice, it’s just one way to present the different looks possible with add-on filters. Too bad the sky wasn’t filled with interesting clouds that day, that’s when these effects really become dramatic.


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