Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Just resting!

Just resting!

My two year old islander grandson Zachary looks like he’s sleeping, but he’s just resting. He’d been entertaining himself with these colorful swim tubes when the top one slid off and rested against his chest. Snuggled cozy and safe by the tubes, he’s likely thinking “Life doesn’t get any better!”

My assignment, if I choose to accept it at any given time, is to attempt to photograph one or more of my nine grandkids. THAT is a formidable challenge! I’ve always said the two hardest things to photograph are kids and pets, for you’ve got to be one accomplished action photographer to successfully meet that challenge!

My heart sang in this instance, for I already had my camera out and ready, I was just waiting for the one perfect shot. They happen often, but boy you’ve got to be sharp! And like any successful shot, you have to think ahead…’what’s going to happen next?…where’s the sunlight?…is the background helping or hindering a great shot?

With this photograph, I had to crop away some feet in the original scene. Fortunately, the colors and subject matter allowed me to do that…and we have a winner!


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