Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Girl’s camp

Girl's camp

Take a plot of land, a bulldozer, a ton of heavy-duty pond liner plastic sheeting, and a cheap water source and you could make a slip and slide like this one.

This actually would make a great recreational addition for the Port of Friday Harbor at their Jackson’s Beach property. There’s no reason you couldn’t use sea water for the liquid part, though there would be a bit more maintenance than with fresh water. Ah, liability! That is no doubt why we don’t have a public swimming pool on the island.

This location is at that 325 acre private recreational ranch where I found my old truck in a previous post. These girls are from Bellevue, WA and are on a three day campout with like-age girls.

I felt I was stepping over the line even photographing them, for strange girls in bathing suits can be a no-no for old men like me to shoot. But, with the play of light on the tubes, the girls in silhouette, and their shadows on the water slide, I just couldn’t resist.

Oh, to be young again! My grandkids loved this slide (insert photos) but I just didn’t feel up to joining them. I’d been sleeping on the ground and my back wasn’t up to it.




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