Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Fair Flowers

Fair Flowers

What a plethora of dahlias. The County Fair is coming the middle of this month, and I’ll be there volunteering with the Friday Harbor Film Festival booth. This is the first ever film festival for our fare island, and it promises to be a fun and different event.

While I’m not all that fond of the hoards of tourists flooding the streets, I recognize the benefits to our community. Well, someday, if we have the same fortune that Telluride, Colorado has, we’ll have something going on nearly every weekend. Things really hop there in the summer, and the excitement is palpable.

Telluride, where my daughter Jamie and her family have lived for over twelve years, is every bit as isolated as we are, the only difference is, no ferry. Situated in a box canyon in the Rocky Mountains, Telluride, an old mining town, mixing history with spectacular mountains everywhere. The benefit to their locale is year ’round activities, with a short shoulder season twice a year where things slow down for the locals for a month or so, then it’s ski season, and the visitors are back again. Makes for a vibrant community and a bustling economy.

The San Juans could be the same way, but we’ve never quite figured out what to do during the winter. It’s cold and gray for months, and no snow to speak of. We didn’t get ANY snow last winter, so what to do? Well, this year during October we will kick off the shoulder season with “The Pacific Rim,” the theme for our hopefully first of many annual documentary film festivals. I’m even contemplating some ideas for my own film entry, for I’ve always dreamed of being a film maker, and maybe next year will be when I blossom, just like the flowers in this post. Wish me luck, and be sure to visit at me at the Film Festival booth and learn more at the Fair in August.


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