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Summer entertainment

Summer entertainment

Here is (not my photo) a new Honda Rebel, an exact duplicate of the bike I sold just last fall, though that’s not the summer entertainment the title infers. I’m entertaining myself contemplating how to spend the money I’m getting from the sale of my houseboat.

This pastime is just that, a way to pass time analyzing what motivates me. For instance, I sold my motorcycle because I didn’t want the hassle of maintaining and licensing it, plus I had nowhere to park it out of the weather. I was constantly buying new covers which would dissolve in the sun. So why am I thinking of going through all that again?

The other challenge is to know my own mind about what I enjoy. I actually forget aspirations that at one time really excited me! How do I drag those memories out of the fog? Were they all that significant? These are the mind games that keep me awake of late.

For all of us, the lack of money thwarts dreams, and often those dormant yearnings get buried under years of daily life to where we forget them. I have long had a fascination with things miniature. And, of late, I’ve had an urge to develop a hobby using my hands, so, as part of my summer entertainment, I decided I could acquire some equipment, build a tiny (handy, that) workshop in my tiny apartment, and enter a fun lilliputian realm.

My worry: will I tire of it all soon or find the passion of my life? How many times have we all gone through this tribulation? I envy those men and women who seem to become centered in their quest, even if something as obscure as an obsession with a color. Take the large man who wore only yellow clothes, had a yellow Cadillac, house, dishes, everything! He must have gained some satisfaction for he did it for decades. Or maybe he was just NUTS! (he he)

Other summer games in my mind are:

Buy a first-class piano keyboard and develop my music abilities.
Practice continuing education via “Teaching Company” DVD courses. (I own 12 so far.)
Finally get around to pursuing my commercial marine photography business, “Yachtshots,” that I’ve contemplated for years.
Take a tropical trip, but going alone doesn’t thrill me!
Move to the big island of Hawaii (can’t afford to live there, won’t happen.)
Use the money for Tiny House construction on my flatbed trailer (my ‘plan B’ for housing should I need it.)
Acquire preparedness gear and supplies.
Become a motorcycle or boating vagabond…very enticing but also very impractical at my age!
Don’t spend the money. Use it for emergencies, medical/otherwise. (“To Dad: No mun, no fun, your Son. / Too bad, so sad, your Dad”)
And, being a photographer, acquire more equipment to augment my creative goals visually.

And that’s how I spent my summer vacation.


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  1. Your last three posts have been really enjoyable. I had to comment on this one as I enjoyed your insightful approach in decision making!
    In your list of possibilities, I would like to comment on them in order.
    The first class keyboard- is a mistake- save your money and practice on your free one, and when you get better, then buy the keyboard.
    the quality of the keyboard will not make you better, only practice.
    Have you checked at the library for the DVD courses? Many libraries have them.
    You can work on your photography business while doing other things.
    The trip, tropical on anywhere else. I agree, doing it alone is a drag. I would still pursue finding a soul mate!
    Big island dream. I agree it is too expensive! I have no desire to live there!
    Think of the tiny house as an investment. Use it for a while. If you had a companion, you might not want a tiny house of that size!
    Preparedness gear. A wise idea, what ever you do. Do you have a go pack?
    Vagabondism, is not bad, particularly if you had a soul mate with like interests.
    I say buy what you want, I believe that there will come a time when money or inflation will be so bad, that money will not be enough.
    The last one is probably the best one. You have talent and you do not need a $1000 dollar camera. it is the timing and luck that counts.

    Dreams. Where would we be if we could not dream. Keep it up, I haunt Craigs’ list looking for the perfect deal, and when I miss one, I am sad for a nano second, but like busses, they come along all the time. Linda says it is the pursuit, not the having that is my pleasure, and she it correct.

    July 7, 2013 at 10:11 am

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