Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Truth and Fiction

Truth and Fiction

A frightening headline from a murder mystery movie (title long forgotten) that combined east coast scenes portrayed as the San Juan Islands and an aerial shot of actual Friday Harbor, joins our photos of the islands. Fortunately, this is pure fiction. The sub-heading mentions the ‘latest murder’ meaning there were others, apparently depicted by the many women’s photos.

Tsk, tsk. Such drama! I’m glad to report that our sleepy island, while not immune to mayhem, is nowhere near this notorious.

And on that note of locale, I am amazed that producers and directors think we won’t notice the subtle differences between east and west coast maritime features. Well, most of us. Someone in Spokane might not recognize the discrepancies.

As I write this, the Beach Boys are singing in the background about ‘heroes and villains,’ so I detect a theme this evening!


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