Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Busy day at Jackson’s Beach

Busy day at Jackson's Beach

Jackson’s cannery and the neighboring Jackson’s beach are owned by the Port of Friday Harbor. This beach, at the north end of Griffin Bay, is near Friday Harbor, but is usually quiet with few visitors and a great location for reflection and relaxation, when a chance to be near the water is imperative.

This day either the dogs are running (a popular site for walking the pooch) or there’s a family gathering, for there’s seldom this many vehicles parked off the drive.

The public boat launch is at the end of this drive to the right of the old net shed at the upper right of the photo. There are three boat launches on San Juan Island: one here, one at the county park on the west side of the island, and a third that’s available to the public for a fee at Roche Harbor Resort at the northwest corner of the island. These launches will accommodate trailered boats. To launch a kayak or other light human powered vessel, there are about a half dozen more locations where a boat can be carried to the water and off you go!


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