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Cousins meeting for the first time

Cousins meeting for the first time

Son Jake introduces his daughter Jaley to Zackary, daughter Michelle’s little master Carson. This photo was taken two years ago, and the frustrating part of grandkids is they keep changing their ages on me! I have enough trouble remembering their birthdays, let alone their ages. My grand daughter Hallie is the easiest, for she was born in 2000, so each ensuing year I just remember what year it is, and her age pops automatically into my mind. If only they were all that easy!


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  1. One of the sweetest experiences of our life are these precious meetings between cousins or siblings who have been away. There’s an instant fascination and love that is tangible. We relate to you not being able to remember your grandkid’s ages. Today is the birthday of 2 of our grandsons. I know one of them is turning 14, but for all my brain-twisting, I can’t figure out if the other is 15 or 16 so we’ll just have to fake it when we wish him Happy Birthday. I miss all those absent brain cells almost as much as I miss my agile knees.

    May 23, 2013 at 12:32 pm

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