Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Biggest stone in the cemetery

Biggest stone in the cemetery

I am fascinated by glacial erratics, those mostly granite boulders that are foreign to the region of their resting place, and they’re foreign because they were carried there by moving ice fields, sometimes hundreds of miles from their source.

Sitting at the most elevated point on the cemetery property at the south border behind the church, this boulder dwarfs the mostly granite monuments and headstones placed here to remember family members who have passed on.

While walking in this area of the cemetery for the first time in my 42 years on the island, my fertile imagination conjured up a scheme to buy the boulder from the Cemetery District and use it for my own remains. There’s a cozy slumbering bowl in the east side of the boulder that would be perfect for a plaque! It seems fitting that a glacial erratic should become MY monument.P1000704

I’ll compose a letter of intent to purchase this “plot” and see what happens! Oh, and I’d better write up a few potential epitaphs, it’s better I fudge a bit with the truth to make me look good, rather than my kid’s having to!…we’ve heard of ‘dying last words,’ why not ‘dead last words?’

PS: No I didn’t choose this stone for my proposed monument because it’s the largest in the cemetery, my ego isn’t anywhere near that big!

Photo location: on Madden Road at the east side of San Juan Valley.


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