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Cedar cement

Cedar cementOrcas MC trip 2010 037

Most people, I would imagine, admire the tower at the top of Mt. Constitution for its rugged stone construction and interesting doors. I, too, admire those qualities, but every time I enter the base to ascend up the stairs with their wrought iron railings, my eyes turn upwards to the ceiling. The builders weren’t content to simply cast concrete under the stairways, they tacked cedar bark to the forms and poured the mix over the bark, leaving the cement with the look of the mighty Native American symbol, the cedar tree. There are places where one can still see bits of actual bark where it didn’t come loose from the cement as the forms were removed.
Orcas MC trip 2010 043
The Doors are enchanting, the stone work amazing, and the view from the top rated as one of the ten best tower views in the country, but the next time you climb to the top of 2,400 foot high Mt. Constitution, look up before climbing the stairs and you’ll share my wonder at the textured ceiling adding just one more charm to a wonderful experience.


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  1. Jim, I’m amazed at all the places you’ve been and the details you remember about them. Isn’t your brain supposed to be aging about now?

    May 21, 2013 at 8:43 pm

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