Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Shaw Island ferry landing

Shaw Is...Chehalis...Pappy 011

Shaw Island, the smallest of the ferry-served islands, has what I consider the best ferry landing esthetic of all the islands. There’s Blind Island nearby, and Blind Bay behind the island, there’s the protected waterway (Harney Channel) between Shaw and Orcas Island, and then there’s the Shaw Island store and post office.

The store is the quintessential country store with a squeaky screen door in front of a real wooden door (not aluminum and glass like ALL grocery stores have now), a wooden floor, and now even an ice cream parlor, while the post office is a tiny room with combination-entry windowed doors on the mail slots so a resident can see if there’s mail waiting.

There’s even a cute little beach for a picnic just where the road leaving the ferry pier turns to the right. It’s been a number of years since I was on Shaw Island and I believe it is time to return some sunny day. I’ll purchase lunch goodies at the store, and take a good book to that beach, make up a meal and relax on the rocks while I take turns reading and looking out at tranquil Blind Island and Bay.

Shaw Island ferry landing


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