Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands




I’d been told about the trail alongside the airport but had never ventured forth. On Cinco de Mayo I wanted to go biking and photographing in the luscious summer weather in early May, so I headed for Mill Street, the location of the first settlement on the island north of San Juan Town. It was called Argyle and is located on a bump into Griffin Bay’s north end. Dinner island is just offshore, lending an idyllic texture to the area, the late morning sun sparkling off the bay.P1000620

P1000653I left Argyle (Mill St.) and headed south on Cattle Point Road to where Golf Course Rd. begins. Just around the corner and uphill a bit is the trail crossing. It’s well signed and a calming stroll (or ride in this case) through groves of trees fragrant with spring life, in and out of a small ravine, then up onto the grass plains.

Crossing Store More’s driveway, I made a quick detour to the animal shelter (see the prior post below) then rode around the gate onto a smooth asphalt path alongside the airstrip. The views are spectacular and aircraft coming and going add to the visual drama. This access road/trail ends at Skagit Valley College’s Friday Harbor campus, also on Port property.

From there the trail is not as well marked, but travels along the airport fence, by Gary Boothman’s house, zigging east downhill and a sharp turn to the north will soon bring you to Spring Street in Friday Harbor.

Next I’ll discover if the trail actually heads south all the way to American Camp! Till then, ride on (or walk, your choice.)


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