Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Opening Day

Opening Day

May 5th, 2013 was opening day of the boating season in the Northwest, celebrated mostly by the yachty crowd, but welcome by all who, like me, relish all things boat.

Here in Friday Harbor the beautiful TEAL, with bunting a flying, leads the opening day parade on what could go down in history as the most pleasant weather day of all opening days! It’s not even summer and the sky is clear, the air warm, and a gentle breeze cools our brows. I caught myself talking to myself with truisms like: “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

The best part is, we islanders get to partake of this glorious weather without the hoards of tourists that will inevitably descend on our rock come the true “summer.” Come that peopled summer, the view behind TEAL will abound with many boats heading for or departing from Friday Harbor like a swarm of bees to and from their hive. Carrying that analogy to its audible conclusion, the boat motors will represent the buzzing of the bees!

Photo location: From the front deck of the Port of Friday Harbor office. Photo hint: Notice the slightly more green shade of the trees in the upper center of the photo and then the slightly grayer trees more distant to the left. That is one way to discern depth in an island scene, the further away, the more blue/gray due to particles in the air. Filling the space between the greener trees in the foreground and grayer trees beyond is Parks Bay on Shaw Island, a pristine anchorage with no houses visible.


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