Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Slice of Orcas Island

Slice of Orcas Island

Sunshine poked through the many trees at Rustic Falls just at the right time to help me compose this wilderness study, not a difficult fast in 5,250 acre Moran State Park on Orcas Island. I had taken a solo motorcycle excursion from San Juan Island, and was leisurely making my way up to Mount Constitution, elevation 2,402 feet. I always try to take a side hike to Cascade Creek, for it is so different, so much more primal, than anything on San Juan. I, like many other residents and visitors, am grateful to Robert Moran for donating this pristine parcel to the state of Washington so many years ago. We can venture forth to fill our souls with nature, knowing it will always remain like this, with no housing developments or resorts to change what we’ve come to know and love. That is, as long as the state parks are funded by the legislature. Remember to buy your Discover Pass to help them out and keep that gate open that blocks the road to the top of the mountain!


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