Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Short Creek

Short Creek

All creeks on San Juan Island are seasonal, meaning they dry up in the late spring to early summer. Since we get only about 27 inches of rain in an average year, and the rain catchment size of the island is so tiny, there is not enough runoff to sustain a pretty creek like this one on the west side. Running from a small man made lake, this un-named creek passes under Westside Road at the photo location, and runs a whopping 1/8th mile from its source to Deadman’s Bay just south of Lime Kiln State Park. Look for it in the spring in the middle of a glade just south after passing the State Park or if heading north just entering the trees after traveling with an open vista of Canada along the sparse bluffs above the sea.

Saturday, March 30th, was the 100th anniversary of the Washington State Park system. I consider these parks jewels in our state’s natural resources, and while we might be tempted to assume that the State should pay to keep them open, such is not the reality. So my solution, and recommend yours too, is purchase a Discover Pass either online, from your Dept. of Licensing when you renew your tabs as I did, or at any State Park from the staff (if you can find them). It is only $30 for the year, and this includes parking free of charge at the many BLM (Bureau of Land Management) recreation sites throughout the state. Considering it costs $10 per visit to park at State Parks, and I believe $5 per stop at BLM sites, it won’t take long to easily pay for the Discover Pass, and, of course, they’re good throughout the state!


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