Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Looking (and living) the other way

Looking the other way

The post below this one showed the view to the east of my domicile, so here’s one shot of a low tide to the west out another window. A purple star slumps in slumber as it begins to realize the tide has dropped and is leaving it behind in no-starfish-land. Reminds me of the time I fell asleep on a pebble beach in the sun. The next thing I knew tiny wavelets were slapping against my bare feet reminding me that the tide goeth and the tide cometh again.

Living on a boat provides a plethora of wildlife viewing opportunities. Often an entire family of otters would swim noisily by, playing tag, climbing out of the water to investigate small wonders, and providing exciting theater for us humans.

Often a bump at night against the hull could announce either an animal searching for mussels to eat or a log that had floated alongside with the tide. Interesting how you could tell the difference – the animate ones would usually blow out bubbles which could be heard against the hull, while the logs often gave a series of taps as little waves rocked the log against the boat.

Living on a floating platform, whether boat or houseboat, offers many such unique experiences not found with terrestrial homes. And one terrestrial experience we live without is the neighbor’s lawnmower on a Saturday morning!


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