Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Heading Out

Heading Out

Still morning, still waters. Ahhh, the good life! About five years ago this was the view from my houseboat that I woke up to each morning. Not bad, eh? I sometimes take living in paradise for granted, that’s one reason I like to look back over older photos, the way that they bring back fond memories and feelings to remind me how good I’ve got it. Pretending it’s me on that sloop, I’m imagining I can smell bacon frying in the galley and a cup of fresh hot chocolate under my nose as I take a sip and listen to the motor purring quietly…ahhh the good life indeed!

Photo location: Harborview Marina at the south end of Friday Harbor looking northeast, Brown Island on the left, Mt. Baker and a fellow early-riser putt-ing by on his/her way to who knows where? That’s one of the beauties of summer in the San Juans by boat; waking up and heading joyfully towards an exciting new destination while enjoying the calming sunrise and smooth waters.


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