Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Neighborhood bus

Neighborhood bus

My last post had us vacationing on Vancouver Island a stone’s throw (if you’re Superman) from San Juan Island, and here we are on the south shore across the harbor from the Westsong boardwalk featured in that post.

Yup, right on schedule, here comes the bus down the “street” between the houses to where you wait at the bus stop, but here in Victoria both the bus and the houses are on the water! How cool is that?! Seawater at that, connected directly with Japan and Tahiti and San Francisco…and Friday Harbor.

Since I’m all about boats and houseboats, this is Nirvana for me, and just one more reason I like Victoria so much. This houseboat community is an eclectic collection of some common and not so common homes on the water. I am so impressed with the Powers-That-Be in the Victoria metropolitan area that allow, perhaps even encourage this style of life, indeed, that’s why it’s called a lifestyle. The state of Washington seems to think this attitude is an abomination. The Port of Friday Harbor won’t even allow any “boats” that don’t have a pointy bow, apparently dreading the possibility that a houseboat or barge-hulled vessel would even think of tying up there. In the delightful Westbay Marina at the western end of the Westsong trail there is a lovely blend of vessels from sleek yachts to houseboats all mixed together, and why not? They’re floating homes, whether used for recreation up the coast or full-time houses in the harbour. It’s a shame I have to cross the border to find a sane approach to the boat life.

Hmmmm, I seem to have found a soapbox upon which to stand and spout forth my views on things important to me. I’ll step down now and head back to the San Juan Islands. Thank you for listening!


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