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Only in Canada, Eh?

Only in Canada, Eh?

Victoria, a city of so diverse a selection of attractions and attributes I would list it as my favorite city on the West Coast of North America. And were I to choose one unique feature of this provincial capital it would be the 1.7 mile Westsong boardwalk along the north waterfront of the outer bay between Victoria and Esquimalt. Sure there are other equally amazing attractions in the area, but someone really had their thinking cap on when this meandering path was conceived. I especially like how it twists and curves, revealing new vistas and textures, part of it paved path, part wooden walkway out over the water and passing under trees, as shown here, often just below someone’s house. There are many benches to rest your legs and invigorate your mind with always a different vista. Bikes are not allowed, a relief for the walkers, but unfortunate for the bikers, for it would make a lovely bicycle path as well.

Yes, it’s in a different (can’t call it ‘foreign’) country, but since it’s just across the border from my home island, and is also on an island, I think of it as a “dowager aunt to San Juan Island’s kid in nickers”. The only problem with it being not part of the U.S. is I don’t have a passport or an enhanced driver’s license, so I can’t go there!! It’s like an irate father telling me I can’t visit his daughter, my true love.

Security being what it is, to get my enhanced license I have to go to Mt. Vernon, meaning a day off island, to visit the DOL (Dept. of Licensing) hopefully with the correct documents, to prove I’m not a miscreant, or at least I am who I say I am.

I have other favorite photos of Victoria that I’ll share on occasion.

Photo location: Looking south at the entrance to Victoria harbour (Canadian spelling, seems only fair) about 1/3rd of the way from Westbay Marina heading east towards the Johnson St. bridge.


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