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Tiny House

tiny House

Just as a human has a skeleton that makes up the frame of the body that is a part of the individual, so is this trailer the skeleton of my future Tiny House. I find myself capitalizing those words because lately I’ve become transfixed with the concept of downsizing, creating a home habitat so satisfyingly simple that I get giddy all over!

I bought this trailer last summer in very rough shape. Thick, scaly rust, rotten deck boards, wiring shot. But I enjoyed the challenge of restoring it to nearly new condition first with a power wire brush, then rust preventative, primer and paint.

Most tiny houses (check YouTube for many examples, I’m not the only nut out there) use a car-hauling trailer for the house platform, but I liked the true flatbed design of this guy with the tires and axels under the bed.

One advantage to this type of house is I can build it without big brother (the government) telling me exactly how to build, wire, and plumb it. Said officials assume that all citizens are stupid and will, if not monitored, build, wire, and plumb an unsafe dwelling. Ok, I’ll admit I wouldn’t want to buy such an unfit building, but in the case of RV’s it’s “buyer beware” and that’s fine with me. And for the sake of argument, I’m not stupid, so I’ll use safe practices for my own dwelling.

The finished cabin-on-wheels will be about 100 square feet and cute as (pick your favorite cliche.) It will be cute because I’m big on esthetics. Check out examples on YouTube online and you’ll see how downright darling they can be. On wheels, what’s that about? Well, there’s big brother (or it’s equivalent the home-owners-association) again, telling me how to live. For some reason, Americans feel right at home telling other Americans what size home is appropriate, so they set limits on how SMALL the house can be. RV’s get left out of that silly equation, so if it’s on wheels, the size restrictions don’t apply, probably because they don’t think anyone would want to live such a Gypsy lifestyle.

There is a huge and growing contingent of mostly young individuals and couples who feel this “living large” mentality is wasteful and wrong, at least for them. Ok, I’m not young, but I know from living on a boat that I PREFER smaller spaces, and look forward to my off-the-grid domicile with a tsunami of anticipation.


One response

  1. lorimac242012

    What ideas do you have. Give us a site or two. What is your time frame for getting this done. I am interested in what it will look like given your hightly refined esthetic tastes. How thick will the walls be? ie. how warm will it be in the winter. these terrible winters. Dennis

    April 4, 2013 at 5:48 pm

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