Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Kissing Ferries

Kissing Ferries

Surreptitiously I poked my kayak around a mini rock island in Beaverton Bay to catch two ferries kissing. I apologize if that sounds politically incorrect, it’s just that as the scene unfolded, that’s what appears to be taking place.

A two dimensional photo doesn’t, at a distance, show depth very well, and while these boats were close together, they were passing at a safe distance. This scene repeats itself often as one boat waits for the other to finish its business at the ferry dock (at far right) and get out of the way.

Another problem with our ferry boats is they don’t have a traditional bow or front end, so unless watched carefully, one is unable to tell which way they’re going! In this photo, they are, of course, going in opposite directions, one leaving the harbor (little boat on the right) and the other entering.

I recently rented a dinghy slip for my little plastic kayak. That makes it sound toy-like, but it’s a fully functional poly boat that is tough as nails, and very stable. The slip allows me to use the boat way more often than previously, and while I probably got out on the water maybe four times last summer, I’ve already been out three times this week, I mean…duh! The weather has been fantastic, and at $27 a month for the handy dry (out of the water) slip at the Port of Friday Harbor, this is inexpensive entertainment at its best!

PS: Above I referred to the Evergreen State as the little boat, yet when built in the ’50s it was the flagship of the entire fleet, now it serves the San Juans as the inter-island boat, for which we are very grateful. TRAVEL TIP: As a foot passenger one can board the Inter-Island boat at any of the four island stops for free and voyage away with a half sashay. Sometimes in the summer our barbershop singing group will do that as we warble our way to Orcas Island and back, no charge…either for the ride or the music!


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