Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


“And the pitch…”

There are wet rains and dry rains. Ever think of them that way? Some drizzly days the drops are bigger and closer together making for more water per cubic yard of air, thus we get wetter. Fortunately, this spring day last year, my grandson Jess Hargrove, number 23, has to endure only a light drizzle as he works the in-field. Actually, I believe the players like a day where the dust is nonexistent and the sun is not in one’s eyes as the pop fly heads their way. Ok, a little sun on the ball makes it easier to see as long as the light is from the side, but there’s something about playing in the rain that makes a young guy (or gal I suppose) feel more stoic and even grown up. Jess would probably snort at that one!

Spring is just around the corner and I love the anticipation that comes from looking forward to outdoor activities. As I write this there’s a storm a blowin’ with an undisputedly wet rain. Yes, there’s a dampening of the spirit, but counteracting that is that vision of warmer days, LONGER days, and sunnier days when my camera becomes my constant companion. I’m looking forward to experimenting with stereo photography and capturing different moods and seasons in my “TimeScapes” re-photography projects. There’s excitement in relishing the potential of some really fine photography as I sharpen my skills.

My parents were a bit disappointed at my brother and I for not being football fans, or sports fans in general. And now my grandkids surely feel slighted when I’m out in the wilds taking photos, and my failing memory banks have dropped the ball on a pending game.


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