Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands




Out my window a blustery gust
Then a leaf sitting forlorn in the sun
Yet defiant in death one thorn bravely thrust
Held aloft like a soldier’s sword when battles are won.

What good these blackberries, all thorny and mean
They threaten, they tease, with fruit so keen
Yet venture too near the berries to grasp
You’ll ooch, you’ll ouch, you’ll fairly gasp

Not fun…wait…that first berry crosses your lips.
Oh joy, oh my, no longer in pain,
Scratches galore, purple fingers you lick
Lesson learned: sometimes pain comes with gain.

Sun shining, summer warmth all around
Contrasts to winter with its cold, frozen ground
Such is life; sometimes merry, or sometimes blue
Persevere my friend, it’s all good for you.


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