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Another 3D experiment

Another 3D experiment

Here’s another stereo pair to play with. A brief lesson: You probably will have to move your face away from the screen more than normal to make this effect easier on your eyes. I move back from my 22″ screen about two feet. Now, allow your eyes to “cross” or create two in-focus images instead of one. This happens to me sometimes when I’m not really “looking” at anything, not focused with intent. My eyes get lazy and the images separate a bit. You want to do this intentionally, then physically move the images apart by allowing your eyes to go “cross-eyed” a bit more until the two images merge and you have three images. That’s right, three, and the one in the middle will be a three-D photo that both eyes are looking at, while the outside two are seen only peripherally. You will have to tilt your head slightly to the right or left to get the two images to line up or ‘pop’ together. You’ll be able to see the proper direction as they alignment and start to merge. I have a new gadget on order that will have perfect vertical alignment so you won’t have to tilt your head to get a 3D image.

It’s a fun effect, and the more you practice the easier it gets. I can snap a stereo pair into 3D instantly. I hope to produce a number of interesting 3D scenes of the islands for your enjoyment. Seeing these scenes in real 3D color photos instead of a two dimension scene from a single shot, or even those weird colored dot 3D scenes really makes it feel as if you were actually there looking at it with your own eyes! I’ve read online that only about 70% of people can accomplish this trick, so cross your fingers and hope you’re able to make it happen. It WILL be worth the time to try.


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