Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


The color green

The color green

I had a green Chevy Vega wagon that I hated. Oh, I liked the shape and the size and the economy, but I hated the metallic green color. I got rid of it as fast as I could, trading it for a sky blue Chevy van. Whew, that was better.

All-of-the-above because I love this green, this spiderscape. Maybe it’s the quality of the back-lit glow through the salal with its pinkish white cluster of blossoms and the blackish purple edible fruit. No doubt that’s it, I simply love natural colors.

In Thailand, the color green is consider auspicious for those born on a Wednesday. I was born on a Friday, so while green may not be auspicious for me, nor my favorite color, it’s still pretty cool and I’m grateful for it!


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