Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Road block

Road block

In the summer I’m tempted to make signs for the crosswalks in Friday Harbor that say: “No Sauntering.” Tourists, gaga at the charm of our little village, tend to sight-see and cross the street at the same time, with emphasis on the sight-seeing: An ardent test for my patience, especially when the ferry is unloading cars and hoards of walk-ons. These are the times I prefer to walk or ride my bicycle.

So here we have a group of gaga enthusiasts so intent on that pursuit that they’ve taken up residence in the crosswalk!! In this instance it’s OK because it’s the 4th of July parade time and the sight they’re looking at is ME! Well, not me so much as the bright red new Mustang convertible I’m driving in the parade. Brian Brown loaned me his baby so that I could drive three super senior citizens in the parade. The signs on the doors said “FOREVER YOUNG…residents of Village at the Harbour retirement community.”

Photo location: The crosswalk between King’s Market and the Drug Store, Second and Spring streets in Friday Harbor. SAM_0379


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