Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands




A summer day at Jackson’s Beach, owned by the Port of Friday Harbor. This public beach is my favorite spot for what I call my “water fix.” It’s nearby, usually not flooded with strangers, and is nestled at the quiet, cozy north end of Griffin Bay.

What, of course, is strange about this scene is the sky. I was exploring options with my Cokin filter set and tried this “angry sky” look just to see what would happen. To me it’s a mixed metaphor. Yes, I like things that are different, but creating a Martian sky in an Earthly scene ruins the peaceful atmosphere, and just doesn’t fit. Sure, if I had a couple teenagers wrestling in the foreground, then the sky might match the action.

I’ll use any manipulation to my pictures that I think enhances the theme, but I’ll also remain true to the nature of the scene, a delicate balancing act for an artist.


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