Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home?

Recently I went through a nesting tribulation. I’ve been living in comfort and ease in an apartment, but was anxious for a change. I own a perfectly good houseboat upon which I’ve lived for a couple years, but my son was residing there and I couldn’t return quite yet, so I considered this beauty.

Bolinder, built in 1928 when my dad was a teenager(!), is a beauty, and the price was right, BUT they say if you want to own a wood boat, you’d better have deep pockets and lots of free time and a love of puzzles. That’s because these vessels are invariably full of hidden problems.

So, though it was love at first sight, I chose to remain in my comfort zone (literally) and not get married to this doll.

If I ever win the lottery (difficult at best, since I never buy tickets!) I will find a boat like this and throw money at it in an attempt to retrieve a dream. I am a died-in-the-wool nostalgic, and try to visit the past as often as possible. To me, the good ol’ days really were good, even if we did eat ourselves into an early grave with unhealthy habits.

So now I’m 65, and still deciding what I’ll be when I grow up. Since I live both in the past and the future, and am now eating a healthy diet full of phytonutrients, I can start on my new voyage of retirement, thinking like a 30 year old, and expecting to live well into my 90’s with the same attitude and approach, hoping I can outlive this venerable vessel.


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