Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Dance partners

Dance partnersRemember as kids when our older brother, let’s say, has us pinned in the grass out front and we yell “I give, I give!” All in good fun, naturally. And remember on January 1st I posted a comment about ol’ man winter changing dance partners from the warmish Pacific air mass to the frigid Arctic blast? Well, “I give, I give!” With lows in the low 20’s it’s actually too cold for frost to form like in this photo, but you get the idea. All this week we’re supposed to have a cold front dominating the region, in fact it’s covering the entire Northwest.

Yet, even with the cold, one thing we haven’t had in years is a howling Nor’easter. That’s when Mister Winter (heavy on the ‘Mister’) chooses a dance partner with more vim and vigor than he anticipated, perhaps like a mis-matched couple on “Dancing with the Stars.” But like a sweet & sour dish, with the cold of January we get the promise of longer days, a nice, tangy repast where we savor the conflicting tastes.

Happy Winter and in the dark of night I’ll be well bundled up and outside gathering an armful of firewood, relishing the cozy glow from the windows and the gentle curl of wood smoke from the chimney.


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