Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands


Blue Moon

Blue MoonSong writers work diligently thinking of just the right title for their composition. There’s “Moonlight in Vermont” or “Moon Glow” and “Blue Moon.” On a recent crisp winter day I was photographing the first frost on the ground, then looked up and beheld the waning blue moon. As an astronomy buff I relish the tingly anticipation of a dark sky where the curtain of daytime has dropped to reveal the ageless wonders of the universe.
For eons mankind has looked aloft and created myths to explain what he didn’t understand. It’s been hardly one century since the “fuzzy” stars or nebula as they were originally called have been correctly numbered not as one star, but as billions of stars in a cluster known as a galaxy. And since then, astronomers have estimated the number of galaxies at approximately 170 billion including our Milky Way. Don’t get me started on the statistical potential of worlds like ours amongst all those stars, even THAT number is beyond our child-like ability to count on our metaphorical fingers.
This “blue moon” to me is like a gossamer gown on a beautiful woman, hinting at the hidden wonders, a celestial overture waiting for the curtain of sunlight hitting air molecules to pull back on a dark stage so common yet so magnificent.

P.S. The term ‘blue moon’ comes from the second full moon in a single calendar month, which happens every two to three years, and has nothing to do with its color. The phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ thus refers to something rare.


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