Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands

Theme: Color

Having grown up shooting all my photos in black and white I still, after all these years, think of color as something strange and marvelous.  Each generation has a transition in technology; my grandfather grew up without electricity.  I can still remember the thrill of early color television (we’ll call that MY transition,) so change is constant, and today color in photos and online is taken for granted.

The top image is a floating branch from a white fir where the tips are brighter than the older growth, so we know the season is spring.    The blue is the sky and clouds reflected in the water with needles and bubbles on the surface. The bottom image is the hood of a very new, very shiny red Ford Mustang and the pattern on the hood is a reflection of the high based altocumulus clouds lined up overhead.
Photo locations: Mustang on Sprint Street, Friday Harbor; branch in water at Warbass Way Marina, Friday Harbor

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